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Che Torres


Che Torres is the Piratas' captain, founder, president, sponsorship director, etc., etc. He has already won the Corsair Trophy, a prize which is consigned to everyone who had already done something to the club. Che Torres, or Flavio, is the top of the Piratas' politic organization chart, he says an order and everybody has to obey it. When someone talk to him, this person has to say always something like "Oh great Mr. Buccaneer" or "Oh father of the green pirates" to show the respect which everybody has to him. The word "Che" means brother in the Guarani language and was put in his name as more one way to show the respect which he has right. The S.A.C.T. (it means "Che Torres' Friends Society" in Portuguese) has more than one hundred members. And you can be a member too. All you have to do is: send usyour name, E-mail and a sentence showing respect to Che Torres.